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Isamu Nishima -Morphos Metaphor by Youkai-Meimi Isamu Nishima -Morphos Metaphor by Youkai-Meimi
:iconmorphos-metaphor: I got in!! >w< so happy~

:new: App done and revamped~ Enjoy the reading part =w= *still making it nice and neat for people to be easier to read*
Application Updates
:new: Badge Added
:new: Font fixed and Attacks corrected!
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:new: History Update- Please tell me if I need to change stuff I have no problem with it. History isn't my best...thing to type I'm bad at describing stuff like that.

:star: Please tell me if you think I need to fix something, I'll gladly fix it if somethings not clear! :3

===:bulletred: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow:

:bulletpurple: Name: Isamu Nishima
:bulletpurple: Age: 15 years old 
:bulletpurple: Gender: Male
:bulletpurple: Height: 5’7 (170 cm)
:bulletpurple: Weight: 150lb (68.3 kg)
:bulletpurple: Year: 1st year
:bulletpurple: Nationality: Japanese/ British (Mothers Japanese, Father British)

:bulletpurple: Weapon: 
Nodachi- A large sword that is wielded with two hands. Decked out to fit the current century but still has a cool design on its sheathe. 
        :bulletpurple: - Was found abandoned in a purple horrible condition. Seriously the blade couldn't cut a piece of paper. Asked his uncle about what kind of...sword it use to be and started to get interested in swords. 
       :bulletpurple: -Joined the kendo club because of his growing interest in swordsmanship, mostly for just learning how to use them and the correct ways to handle a sword. This actually peeked his interest in other types of fighting styles. 

:bulletpurple: Persona: Valkyrie- A winged woman cloaked in armor riding a horse. Has a striking resemblance to his deceased mother because Isamu has not really gotten over her death yet.
:bulletpurple: Arcana: Strength
:bulletpurple: Arcana Rank: Rank 1
:bulletpurple: Suit: Swords

:bulletpurple: Personality:  

                     Strong willed and determined to do things on his own no matter how impossible it may seem to be. He doesn’t like to rely on others if he knows he can do it himself. Seems hard to approach due to the fact he’s a bit on the shy side when approaching people but after a while he becomes more open and is full smiles. Cares very much for the people he considers friends and is the type to treasure the times he shares with others. Rarely gets mad and kind of use to being the ‘punching’ bag due to living with his twin cousins but does get annoyed if he feels he’s being fooled or played around with.
Overall a pretty good guy, friendly, stubborn and likes to finish things on his own. He’s pretty easy to along with unless you’re trying to get on his nerves, and rarely gets mad.

:bulletpurple: Strengths: 
-Keeping his promises
-Finding quiet places to read
-Making Friends (though shy)
-Never giving up.

:bulletpurple: Weakness: 
-Closed in Places
-Sour Things (lemons)
-Catching his breath sometimes.
-Defensiver Combat

:bulletpurple: History: 

Isamu was born to an unmarried Japanese woman from a once well off family, and a British man that she met in college but due to family issues; the two had to separate from each other when Isamu was a few months old. From that moment his very strong willed mother who raised her son to be just as stubborn. During Isamu’s early life it was okay, his mother was working a lot but his uncle would come over to watch him so he wasn’t alone but not having a father figure really made it hard on him sometimes. 
Not all the time though, he loved the little small moments with his mother and her family. He had a happy childhood besides the small little bumps in the road. His mother loved him and would tell him stories about his father, and for him at the time that’s all he needed.As time passed though, his mother began to become weaker physically as she took on more jobs, and when Isamu started having breathing problems and the hospital bills came piling in that added more stress until finally her body just couldn’t take anymore. 
She got sick and just couldn’t seem to get better. Eventually the illness is what did her in, dying in a hospital room while her younger brother took care of her son. 
And Isamu was all that was left. He felt alone. He closed himself off from the world and just kept out of sight while his uncle and aunt tried to help him get use to living with them and eventually after slowly getting over his mothers death. He managed to slowly merge with this new family.
To get a new start Shinosuke Nishima, who was transferred to a new district due to his job they made a new home in Kirimori City. It was a strange city, but never the less seemed to have very good schools. One school in particular caught Isamu’s interest. Higashimori High School, apparently a school that was suppose to bring out the “hidden potential” in their students. Hidden Potential…that was what caught Isamu was interested in. What was his hidden potential? Would this school help him learn not to be a burden to others? If it did…then he wanted to go there.  

Link to Story Like History:










-Cute things (like charms and little keychains)

-History, specifically the Meiji Era







-Programing his alarm clock.


-Bad at remembering names-Being a Burden

:bulletpurple: Trivia: 

■ Always greets people with a smile

■ Likes photography, so has some cameras that are digital and film based.

■ Calls his aunt every Friday for weekly checkups

■ A total loser when it comes to admitting his feelings

■ Adores his twin cousins to death.

■ Has a part time job.(Works at a book store on weekends.)

■ As a child he had asthma though he hasn’t had an issue with it since after his mother passed.

■ Likes dancing but too shy to ask someone to dance with him, yes this means on a date. (Types of Dancing: Any actually, he's willing to learn new ones if given the chance)

■ Learned Basic self defense from his uncle, and some basic parkour but nothing huge (just the whole jumping and running part)

Due to his stubborn nature he refuses to let his aunt and uncle help him in anyway when it comes to school; telling them to worry about their children first and that he was fine. Though that doesn't mean he won't refuse his aunts care packages when they magically show up at his dorm.

:bulletpurple: Family: 

Shinosuke Nishima- His uncle who has a hectic schedule due to working as a cop. (*shot for reoccurring job title*) Not aware that Isamu thinks he’s a burden.

Akiko Nishima- His very lovable and caring aunt. Sends him care packages monthly and is currently trying to convince him that he isn’t a burden

Mana and Mikio- The babies of the Nishima family. Adore Isamu like crazy, so much that they still take a nap in his room even though he doesn’t live there except for vacations. 

Isaac Harris- Isamu’s father though they don’t have much of a relationship. Keeps in touch with Shinosuke because he’s secretly a mother hen like his son and worries over Isamu like crazy. Was the one who informed Akiko about the school, and is paying for him to be sent there. Is married and has a daughter. Never really lost contact with Shiori over the years but was shocked to find out she had died and no one had told him until afterwards. Found out about the school through Shinosuke, who had taken Isamu there while looking at high schools to go to.

Shiori Nishima- Isamu’s deceased mother. Was a kind and loving woman but just as stubborn as her son.

:bulletpurple: RP Sample
Isamu smiled at the class shyly, looking at all the new classmates he was going to have this year. “Nishima Isamu, nice to meet you.” He said with a smile, brighter than his first one. The class wasn’t very big but full of interesting people so it had its own sort of charm. The teacher fought the smile as Isamu rocked back and forward on his feet; then motioned towards the opened seat near a window. Well this was going to be an interesting year.


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Snow-the-Wanderer Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Awwww Isamu is a cutie!! :iconchuplz:
I love how one of his stengthes is keeping promises! ;v;

Hope I get the chance to RP with you sometime! :dummy:
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thank you!!!! :heart:

And yes send me a note when ever you want OvO I'm always up for RP's >w<
Zue Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:iconhurrhurrplz: Ohh I didn't know you're applying too~ his name is Isamu *SCREAMS* :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hehe yeah I've been dying to try out for this group >w< 

Did you apply too? :D
Zue Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
yep, but I didn't tell anyone because.. well, idk, kinda not sure if I would get accepted or not ^^; :blush: 

Awww he's a first year/junior? :D Let's try RP sometime~ :heart:
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
okay~ but yeah a first year...with an early bday hence his age~ 
And okay! I'm free whenever your interested >w<
Zue Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
uhh i don't.. understand the "early bday/age" connection, but that's ok! :XD::iconcoolplz:

I'm working at present but possibly on early december I will be free a bit, but we can begin right away if you like, LOL~ as usual I will take a bit of time to reply rp :iconohgodwhyplz:;;;;
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
yeah...neither did the mods so I had to change it to 15 ^^;

and okay~:heart:
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