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Illeg: Potions by Youkai-Meimi
Illeg: Potions
Okay I've been playing with this idea for a while and finally I got this. Damien is horrible at potions and when he takes the O.W.L.S he'll barely pass the subject. No matter what his potion is always doing something its not suppose to even when he's following the directions to a tee, hell if partnered up and not even touching the ingredients his presence makes it flop. I wouldn't be surprised if he got a rep for blowing potions up!! 

Anyways yeah I finally got it done
idk how many points.
OLValentines by Youkai-Meimi
Okay been a bit busy this week and things never seem to stop....and I'm probably gonna do something else with this. I tried to be smart in PS and failed.. This is for the Secret Valentines event for :iconoverlocked: and I got :iconmoe-satan:

This is a crack pairing because one Adrian is gay and two their on a date. Was gonna draw him kissing her hand like a gentlemen looked weird :T. Anyways this is it. Oh I kind of designed a different outfit for your baby Moe-Satan sorry if you don't like that kind of thing but i tried to keep it in theme with her app image. If you'd like I can scan the whole ref for the outfit later.

And if you see a fancier version of this before the deadline ends then it means I got it done in time. If not....well time was not available.
PS: Ivy Rose was fun to draw~
TE NPC: Solas by Youkai-Meimi
TE NPC: Solas

:bulletpurple: Name: Solas
:bulletpurple: Age: 20 (unknown) 
:bulletpurple: Gender: Male
:bulletpurple: Height: 5'11 / 180cm
:bulletpurple: Weight: 155 lbs / 70.3 kg
:bulletpurple: Race: +Ageless
            The +Ageless are born to human parents, but are very much not. They already have their cascade marks present at birth, and while they will grow to have an adult body, they will never age further than their prime. It is possible, and fairly common, for some +Ageless children to not realize what they are and suffer hardships in their lives because of it.

+Ageless closely resemble members of the most common basic human race, who have simply stopped aging once they reach their prime. Their hair and eye colors range across the whole color spectrum, though dull colors like brown are more common. They will never have bestial traits, such as pointed ears, claws, tails, wings, etc., in their natural state.

The one physical attribute that differentiates them from humans is the three cascading circles down their back. All three rest within the area of their trapezius muscle, with the largest on top and the smallest at the bottom point. These circles can be of any color, including flesh colors. For those whose marks are the same tone as their skin, they will only be noticeable when their skin changes color: irritation, chill, heat marks, etc.

        Selendris’ early history is largely peaceful, only broken up by a few mild wars between nobility. Most of the nations live in some sort of alliance with each other, trading goods and staying within their borders, but there is the occasional skirmish. One of the world’s oddities is the heavy religious influence, with churches and cathedrals standing all over the map, and while the imagery between them seems to be the same, none of the native cultures can seem to agree on the lore surrounding them.
In recent times, the Sages arrived from other worlds and introduced the possibility of interworld travel, as well as forming a lasting and more prosperous world structure. They helped open trade with other worlds, increased Selendris’ wealth, and assisted in reforming governmental functions. The Sages became quite prestigious and are closely involved with practically everything in the world.

History: Solas was raised by his parents and other siblings in a place he can't remember, only that it was big, warm and that he was very young when they left it for good. He remembers that his parents were extremely relgious and every night they would go to a church and pray but doesn't rememebr their faces anymore. He doesn't remember much of his past in general. The only thing he remember's clearly is the day he turned twenty everything seemed to change. It wasn't that everyone started to treate him differently, its just...time seemed to speed up and that other voices besides his own were echoing in the back of his head. He remembers going to the church and asking the priest, worried that he might be going crazy but instead was told that he should be careful. Thats about it. 

 Time continued to pass, his loving parents grew old, died and his siblings followed years after while Solas remained the same as always. Except now he was alone. Not being able to stay where those he loved died, Solas packed what few things he had and left the village to find a place where he didn't have to be reminded of the fact he would never age. For a time he stayed in the mountains, isolated from the world but found it dull and decided to move somwhere else for a time. After years of traveling he found a forest, and the kingdom hidden in it. He had found Moran, the capital of the elven kingdom. 

Wary of the human at first, the elves kept him at arms lengths as he lived within the city but they soon began to notice that he wasn't what they thought. At first they thought he might be some type of hybrid due to not aging but they could never find any other traits besides human in him. This angered more of the snobbish elves, humored some, and baffled the others who didn't know if they should be angry or amused. The elfings? Most didn't care. Somehow over the years Solas attracted the attention of the little elfings of Moran and became the unoffical baby sitter for them when their parents were busy. It wasn't until about 200 years of living with them that he earned the little respect he has with them currently.

It was an accident. A deranged man had gotten too close to the village while the children were playing around on the ground, with Solas near by fixing something, and decided it would be fun to hunt. The ending result was Solas protecting said children and the deranged man's death, along with the scar on his side.

A hundred years later he found this interesting red head with weird clothing just outside of the forest and took him home with him. Why? Because this wasn't the first time he had found someone like that and he had heard the rumors of people appearing out of no where, coming from a different world and if was him in that situation he defiantly didn't want to be alone in a situation like that. He didn't expect the kid to be so moody though...

Personality: Solas is a kind man who attracts others without realizing it. He's kind of like the big older brother that everyone can trust because they know he's responsible and will do what ever he can to help in a bad situation. Solas is very subtle about being an +Ageless, having past experiences that didn't turn out well and doesn't like to be treated like some prized treasure either. He has a passion for helping others and naturally makes people feel safe. His temper though...well he can be stern if its needed but the only time the residence in Moran ever saw him angry was once and that was 300 years ago and that ended with a death.

Abilities: Material Alteration Resistance: (Passive Skill) 

While all races are naturally resistant to external manipulation of the matter that makes up their bodies, being protected by their Cores, the +Ageless have a significantly higher resistance to this. It’s impossible for someone else to alter or manipulate an +Ageless’ body without their consent (things like puppeteering, material deconstruction, etc.)

Material Manipulation: (Active Skill) 

The +Ageless are able to minorly manipulate matter without touching it, but this skill is limited to inorganic material, and even then only objects that are a 1/4th their own weight. They can lift it, move it, and reconstruct its shape; however, they cannot convert it into Energy, nor can they manipulate anything that would be considered Elemental Magic (despite Elemental Magic containing matter).

Physical Manipulation: (Active Skill) 

While they cannot manipulate any other organic material, the +Ageless are able to manipulate their own physical bodies to an extent. They cannot grow extra limbs or excessively compact or expand their matter, so while they can adjust their appearance to look a few inches/centimeters taller or shorter, they cannot take on the appearance of a child or shift into drastically different forms like animals. Mostly, they can just make themselves look like a different human: color changes, minor structural adjustments (like having a flatter nose), more muscle, pink hair instead of blonde, and other such adjustments.

Skipping: (Active Skill) 

In addition to being able to adjust their own matter, the +Ageless can also transport themselves short distances. They can only transport themselves, and only within a 25 meter radius (the standard length of a short-course swimming pool), as long as their end point will allow for them. Which means they could ‘skip’ into a locked room, but they cannot teleport to the next city over, and even from one building to the next is a bit difficult depending on how far the buildings are spaced apart.

Telepathy: (Active/Passive Skill) 

Just the classic ability to read minds and let others see theirs in turn. Naturally, people are able to resist, and if skilled enough, they can block the +Ageless out completely. Resistance makes for jumbled images and static noise instead of coherent feedback, and it’s easier to resist the +Ageless looking into your thoughts than it is to resist hearing or seeing what the +Ageless is showing you from their own mind.

The only ones you'll probably ever see Solas use are Skipping, Material Manipulation and Telepathy.

Charkams: Was taught how to use them in his childhood but doesn't remember by who. Has pretty good aim and over the years has learned how to use them in many different ways. Aka he knows how to fight and wouldn't be a push over.

Additional Information: -He thought the marks on his back were normal till he was a teen.
-Was taught how to use charkams when he was little but doesn't remember who it was.
-Has a faded picture of his family.
-His human family was once from nobility but lost everything in one of those wars.
-His hair charm was once his mothers.
-Has no living relatives, that he knows of.
-Years of living have taught him how to fight and to expect anything in a fight.
-Has gotten many habits from the elves, like how they walk and what they eat.
-Doesn't remember his age, he stopped counting years ago.

RP Prompt: 
"You've just found someone who was left in one of the 3 starting worlds. The person is still unconscious and has no luggage besides the clothes they currently wear and anything they had been holding. What do you do?"

"What in the world..?" Solas asked looking down at the person laying on the ground. Was this what that crashing sound was earlier? Solas frowned, bending down to check for a pulse and looking the person over. Their clothing choice...was strange and a small little gem sat next to the unconcious person's head, glowing softly in the shady area. The red head sighed, glad the person was still alive and just...stopped. He hadn't noticed before but on top of the person heads ears? Now that he hadn't seen ever. ' where do you come from I wonder..' Solas thought to his self, a smile growing across his face then picked them gem up and then the person. This...was going to be interesting.

I have seriously been working on this guy since the group first opened. I am so slow its not even funny =A=. Well I hope you enjoy him~ +Ageless belong to :icontaleasenaid: and :iconaealzx: and :iconawa303:

I-A-S Asher's Badge by Youkai-Meimi
I-A-S Asher's Badge

I'm so behind on everythingggg. Okay found this half finished and decided to finish it since its a damn snow day. Here you go~ 
Asher's hair...will probably be different every time I draw him since I can't seem to get the damn flip!!! So for the purpose of this I have decided sometimes he just doesn't feel like messing with it story wise!!

He's not very photogenic either.....
COM Fem Ariel by Youkai-Meimi
COM Fem Ariel

Found it on my laptop and...well I know its not finished but I'm putting it up anyways. It was for the Genderbend event but I think I missed the deadline...
Ariel's partner was sexy while Ariel would be the naive cute type. 

Pose got messed up but eh...anatomy never works out well with me~
lord she looks like she has a giraffe neck...


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:iconmeimichii: <--- Side account that was deactivated but will be up and running in two days. Some apps are on the account already; which are copies of the ones on here. So NO! No one has stolen my art.

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Groups I wished I was in/trying for currently
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If they aren't listen then they are groups I'm contemplating leaving or just are dead. Keep in mind most people once they make a character don't have the heart to leave the group.
Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.
Decided to give this a go, plus I need some practice.
I am doing free sketch, both traditional and digital commissions. 

Okay its getting close to christmas and in the spirit of it I decided to give this a go. I was going to sign up for a Santa group to draw for others but this seems a bit more personal. I like to talk to the people who own their characters...I guess. Who knows. Don't question it LOL.

Anyways post which character you'd like for me to draw, or if you want me to design a character that ISN'T too detailed. You know the drill, but remember I'll be picking which is why its a give away not just free sketches. I won't be telling who I pick or how many I pick; which is why it will still be a bit more christmas like =w=.

Post away~
okay....been a rough week plus a few days. I'm sure most people who I talk with on skype knew I was getting my wisdom teeth removed. Not one at a time all four at once due to some genetic gene I have from my mothers side of the family..stupid genes. Anyways I was avoiding the computer unless it was necessary to be on...and my surgery took place during some deadlines for certain groups..

Well I'm back! No more medicine that makes me fall asleep sitting up or make my eyes feel like their dizzy when I stare at lights! Feel free to bug me now =w=

Not that anyone actually does bug me so eh.

Bye~ surprise I'm finally doing one? Anyways this is to advertise other artist, not myself so...yeah. ENJOY!!!
btw I've never done this before.

1. :iconrumbl3fish: 
Go check these out!! Her Point Commission and Regular Ones are currently open!! >w<
Also her adopts are open too!! Collab Adopt Batch 1 [Open] by RumCandyAdoptLittle Lady Adoptable AUCTION (OPEN) by RumCandyAdopt
Also Sketch Freebies:

Okay...not really I don't have the money to buy ANYTHING so...this is just to see what people will suggest with my wants for the laptop
What I'm looking for is something that does well with ART!! My list will be below

1: Art, with good hd screen for color
2: Good Memory
3: USB Slots (A MUST I know smaller laptops don't have them)
4: $100-700 cost range.

Now why am I asking this when I have a laptop? Well funny story it seems that in my own apartment my laptop refuses to connect to the internet!! But everywhere else its FINE!!! :T Not a real reason to actually look for a new laptop, but if things turn for the worst I want to make sure I know what I'm buying...if I happen to need to buy one.
I'm torn between Kazuhito, which can translate to a lot of things though harmony, peace and benevolence person have been the popular search result. 

The second name is Touya, though the peach tree meaning seems more popular but it means other things too. Depends on the kanji you use.

So...what do you think?

1. Kazuhito
2. Touya

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