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HC Yukimura Sion by Youkai-Meimi
HC Yukimura Sion

 Yukimura, Sion
Breed: White Welsh Mountain Sheep (Wales)
 25 years old 
Height & Weight: 5'4 ft  /  130 pounds

Assigned after enrollment.
    To be honest Sion is just looking for someone who will like him for who he is and treats him right. It would be nice if the person could also fall in love with him too....

Personality:  Energetic  -  Adaptable  -  Dependable  -  Compassionate  -  Imaginative  - Witty  -  Stubborn  -  Self Conscious  -  Easily Embarrassed  -  Emotional  -  Secretly Shy

Sion is a man that seems to be full of energy regardless of what you throw at him. He can adapt easily to a sudden change and once he says he'll do something he does it. Being naturally emotional Sion has a lot of compassion and is willing to listen to people when they need someone to talk to regardless of how long it takes. He has a bit to much of an imagination, sometimes throwing out silly ideas to friends that he just comes up with on the spot, and he can be quite witty too. Unfortunately Sion can be very stubborn and is rather self conscious of his image. And to put the cherry on top Sion is shy under everything and can be easily embarrassed.

History: The son of two White Welsh Mountain Sheep that had enough children to have their own baseball team. Sion grew up in between an older brother, a twin sister and several other younger siblings so it could be rather hectic when it came to keeping track of everyone. Sion was the one who was usually stuck watching the younger siblings and listening to their problems while the other two oldest did what ever they always did. Of course with that many children, problems always come up and Sion seemed to be the one who always came up short in some way. Either it be the one being teased, a forgotten event, or even overlooked but what could you expect? Though it did lead to some more personal issues of his own. Once he became old enough though Sion decided that he would move somewhere that would help him create a better life for his self and after hearing about a small but popular city that focused on things he thought his life needed.

Occupation: Bar Keeper 
Likes & Dislikes: +Books
+Sunny Days (for sleeping)


-Being stared at
-Uncomfortable Silence 

Roleplay Information: I usually RP Lit style but can do script style if asked. As for how far I'm willing to go in an rp, I'm not that picky. It can be K+ or M. My timezone is EST and I usually accept rps through either notes or Skype though I've recently added Google Docs to that list.

Extra Information: Putting this here so people can see it. I like yaoi so I'm pretty cool with stuff...though I've never done a mature RP so expect a 'blushing virgin' if that comes up.
*Sion wears a bar keeper uniform when working.
*Sion's eyes are naturally brown but when in public he wears color contacts due to bad eyesight and hating his eye color. In the private of his own home he wears glasses.
*This guy has conflicting issues with his looks so his sister picked out his clothes.
*Is a bit of a klutz.
*His hair is white with a blond hue but came out a bit more blond then I expected for some reason....
I am so ready for Fire Emblem If/Fates to come out...
OL: Free the Beast by Youkai-Meimi
OL: Free the Beast

I finally finished ittt~ So this is the collab between me and :icon2947: She sketched out the whole image by hand and did a color guide for me while I lined (cause I can't color very well on top of traditional drawings, I did try though...) colored and shaded. It was fun~ 

The theme for this image was "Hide the leaf in the forest" since both Xia and Adrian tried to blend in with the pands...and for those who never saw Adrian's oufit for the event where everyone turned into pands here it is~

Original Sketch :icon2947:
Line, Color and Shading :iconyoukai-meimi:
Arrghhhh to much stuff not enough hourse
Okay I'm sick again so I'm probably not going to be on the net or skype for a while... Note me if stuff comes up cause I'll check on my iPod...

I hate being sick :'D


Youkai-Meimi's Profile Picture
Jordan Kelley
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
:iconmeimichii: <--- Side account that was deactivated but will be up and running in two days. Some apps are on the account already; which are copies of the ones on here. So NO! No one has stolen my art.

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:
ACTIVE GROUPS: All groups I go for are very slow paced, planned out and optional activity type. Though some vary. If there not on this list then the group is either dead, or on hiatus.
:icontalesofdevotia: :iconoverlocked:
:iconsento-no-seirei: :icon1001-magical-nights:
:iconillegibilus: :iconpokedoempire:
:iconstardust-entity: :iconaquabia: <---I'm trying to get more into this group :'D
:iconmorphos-metaphor: <-- Love this group, though haven't had much rp time with it >w<
Sleeping Groups (hiatus): On breaks, or getting revamped.
:icono-asis: :iconPearls-of-Paradise:
:iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconcombo-lock:

Groups I wished I was in/trying for currently
:iconworldtrain: :iconsirens--kiss:
And finally :iconguilds-of-aether: <--I wish this group was alive. :~;
If they aren't listen then they are groups I'm contemplating leaving or just are dead. Keep in mind most people once they make a character don't have the heart to leave the group.
Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.
How much does Patreon cost when you want to make an account for your art?
  • Mood: Optimism
Decided to do the pallet challenge to change things up a bit~ So you know the drill send me a number and one of my characters and I'll draw it in that pallet!! I've chosen to use :iconfallenzephyrart: 100 Pallet Challenge so that people can chose a lot of different colors and the credit goes to them and the sources they used to make the color pallet meme.

Here's the pallet: 100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyrArt
So go ahead and comment below and I'll do it!!

OH If asked I will do your character. The first five to ask get it.
1. Ryuu :iconinfinitystar: 88
2. Verona, requested by :iconrumbl3fish: 29
3. Khalila :iconmoe-satan: 32
4. Cass :iconpepolii: 72
5. Shinsei :icondoombox-x: 58

  • Mood: Optimism
OKAAAAYYYY any one who reads this. When I lets just say almost 9 years ago I watched this anime that dealt with this guy who was having dreams of a past life where he's handing this sword to a man who calls him 'Nii-san'. Outside of this dream he resumes his normal life but runs into this teen who looks just like the guy in his dreams dancing with a sword. Idk the details on that it was a while back but they pair up and start taking on the supernatural together. 

I think it might be shounen ai but I'm not all that sure...but if you know what I'm talking about then tell me! Its also a manga which is why I'm looking for it. I wanna see if the story finished and if I'll watch and re-read it for the hell of it. 

Seriously though...if you know it tell me. Don't just comment saying you don't know but it sounds interesting ^^;
  • Mood: Optimism
Skype is dead, can't get it to load without freezing. I've tried twelve times today so...yeah.
Decided to give this a go, plus I need some practice.
I am doing free sketch, both traditional and digital commissions. 

Okay its getting close to christmas and in the spirit of it I decided to give this a go. I was going to sign up for a Santa group to draw for others but this seems a bit more personal. I like to talk to the people who own their characters...I guess. Who knows. Don't question it LOL.

Anyways post which character you'd like for me to draw, or if you want me to design a character that ISN'T too detailed. You know the drill, but remember I'll be picking which is why its a give away not just free sketches. I won't be telling who I pick or how many I pick; which is why it will still be a bit more christmas like =w=.

Post away~

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