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Crystal Tales: Caelia Travert by Youkai-Meimi
Crystal Tales: Caelia Travert

Okay what am I doing... I'm changing Caelius gender to female because I have none =A= and yes I asked if I could.... 
Also her hair is a bit off color wise it seemed to not transfer correctly from my laptop to my mac...oh well~

Name: Caelia Travert (Nickname: Cael or Lia)

 Job: Squire

 Race: Hume

 Age: 18 years old

 Sex: Female

 Height: 172 cm / 5’8 

 Character Traits: Carefree – Hard Working – Soft Hearted – Quiet – Stubborn – Quick Tempered – Witty - Quick Minded - Protective 
    Caelia is a hard working young lady with a soft heat, a stubborn streak as long as a mile with a temper to match and a sharp tongue when you've managed to get her mad. Growing up with two big brother's Caelia knows how to handle herself and doesn't like to take shit from anyone. As a child she was very carefree, wandering around playing with her friends though she's slowly out grown that habit, plus she really couldn't climb tree's or pretend to hunt for myths so her parents tried to focus it on work, which worked. She's very soft hearted, could fall for any sob story you tell her unless she notices something shifty about the story (which is most of the time), and loves to huge cute things or just help cheer someone up if they need it. She doesn't talk much unless she feels she needs to and can be quite protective once you've become part of her circle. 

-High Places

-Sour Food
-Early Mornings
-Cold Weather
-Closed in Places
-Flower petals on the FLOOR <---she has slipped on those pretty petals too many times.


Caelia was born the only girl out of three children to a family that lived in a town near the Mountain Camp, Chalcedonia. To understand why this little girl was born in a place that was freezing, you'd have to go back to the time her parents met. Her father, a man with very little money and no status met the very beautiful daughter of a lord who hired him to make a sword and it was just destined to be. They both fell in love quickly and barely a year later her mother found out she was with child. Her father was furious, forbidding his daughter from seeing the man only to have his daughter elope and never saw her again. Anyways Caelia spent her whole childhood in the mountains, unaware of her parents past, and always dreamed of becoming something more. She was always either running away from her mother or hiding from her brother's who usually brought her back home before it got dark and that was her childhood. 

It was hard growing up in a place that was cold everyday and that didn't count the blizzards or horrible storms that would pop up either. She hated it, the type of cold that would seep into your skin, stealing the warmth from you instantly. She wanted to get away. But she'd have to wait until she was older for that and instead just did what she could as a kid. It also helped that Caelia was never where she was suppose to be. Sometimes you'd find her by the cliffs where lancers would practice, only to be dragged away by her brothers later, or she'd be hiding in one of the warm shops until her father just came to get her. And if she was really cold she'd just hide in the Smithy. Unfortunately this was probably not the best place to hide considering her father worked there and eventually got so tired of her just sitting and doing nothing, he taught her his art of making weapons. Not exactly what you'd teach a girl but at least she was learning while running away from her mother trying to teach her to be a lady right? (pft)

Eventually Caelia grew up though and when the time came she left home, not telling her parents or brother due to the fact she didn't really feel up to having a yelling match with them yet again. Plus since she had learned about her parents "Romeo and Juliet" story she figured they had no right to say what she could and couldn't do. So she took her money she earned from odd jobs, took Chochibo and left the town she was born in and headed to the capital.  

It took some time to get to the capital, not to mention that she got lost a few times but by the time Caelia arrived the miasma had broken out and words of recruitment had started so she signed up the first chance she got.

Chocobo Relation
: Chochibo
    Caelia met Chochibo after stumbling upon him when she was wandering in the mountains with her friends. Out of all her friends she was the only one brave enough to approach this injured black Chocobo. She earned many pecks, scrapes and bruises trying to drag him to town, only succeeding after her brother suggested food and brought the temperamental bird some snacks. After succeeding Caelia wonder who he originally belonged to but after weeks of finding no one wandering around lost in the endless wonderland she lived in, Caelia decided to keep the now healed Chocobo. It took forever for her to get this bird to like her. Like seriously she was getting ready to cry by the end of it all but for some reason each time she'd enter the stables, the bird would be waiting for her. After having this pointed out, the rest just fell into place.

Though learning to actually ride him was a different story, a funny one that made many laugh their asses off but a completely different story.

 Guild Relation
: Meion Guild Alsoria

*Despite growing up in the freezing cold Caelia enjoys the heat and likes sunbathing. Can often be found napping in the garden if not busy.
*Loves Moogles, which she won't deny.
*Also loves carbuncle's and wishes she could have one
*Sleeps like the dead
*Wants to one day see a summoning since she apparently lacks the skill for magic, or so she's been told.
*Does a lot of cooking, so if you need her she's either in the garden or kitchen.
*Her boots give her an extra inch in height but she won't admit that.

Aelia Travert- Mother
Felix Travert- Father
Lucien Travert-Older Brother
Orion Travert- Older Brother

Maximus Calvari- Grandfather
Lucius Calvari- Uncle 
Vitus Calvari- Cousin

COM- Quinn Aita by Youkai-Meimi
COM- Quinn Aita
I tried something different with the history this time and it has some gaps I kind of got swamped with school suddenly and had to rely on this version of his history sorry! Also the mythical creature I based Quinn on has no real country of origin its more of a general legend from what I read on wiki so I settled for a simple look clothing wise.

ALSO I can't draw lizards!!! He looks like a dragon I'm sorry but I tried to make him look more...fantasyish? After all Ariel's is just a plain pretty green bird....


Name: Quinn Aita
Age: Appears 18, actually 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5

Species: Fire Salamander (Fire Spirit)
    A lizard that is the embodiment of the fire element. Said to have the form of a regular lizard with fire surrounding it though it varies in each legend.…

Ability(s): Fire Manipulation- The ability to summon fire and use it at will with no problems. Can range from just lighting a candle or a forest fire though it depends on what Quinn wants. While Quinn can't be burned by the fire he creates that doesn't mean others can't. Quinn uses this ability with his background in martial arts making it a handy ability to have. Unfortunately if used for a long period of time Quinn becomes dehydrated and severely tired. 

    Flame Armor- Fire builds around Quinn's armlets and legs, forming a pair of gauntlets and leg guards out of fire which he uses as his weapons. He uses this when he's fighting hand to hand, mixing it with martial arts and some other tricks he knows. Also the armor part comes into play due to if he's touched by someone who means him harm, they'll get burned. 

Title: Guardian
Class: Recruit
Partner: Shiro Shimizu

Occupation: Temporary Unemployed, currently taking care of his niece. 
Residence/Region: Eastern

Personality:  Courages - Independent - Humorous - Caring - Impulsive - Short Tempered - Stubborn -Emotional - Easily Embarrassed - Smart Ass
A young man filled with courage that learned to be very independent at a young age due to his mother dying, his sister losing her sight and his father being distant. He learned to clean, cook, take care of others and learned to deal with problems by his self. He has a weird sense of humor and really it seems on his twin sister and his niece seem to understand him, but he also laughs at things that others wouldn't find funny, leading to him getting embarrassed and fussy most of the time. Underneath the tough guy act he puts on 24/7 is a really caring guy though. Unfortunately Quinn is impulsive and its really hard to change his mind once its made up unless you want to get into a screaming match with this smart ass. When his temper is lit he has a habit of saying things he normally wouldn't say or mean which might turn him into a shut in or make him turn as red as a fire truck. 
((He's kind of tsundere but not quite there yet))
History/Description: Quinn was born to a Fire Salamander and Phoenix Mythos, taking after his father's side while his fraternal twin sister took after their mother. Both grew up in a loving and warm environment with parents that loved them. Sure there were arguments but what do you expect from a family full of fire mythos? Quinn and his sister grew up knowing about what their parents were since they did live in Chancel for a short time before their parents decided to move back to the 'human world', but they still worked for the Chancel. Neither quite understood what their parents did for the place, only that it needed to be kept a secret and explained some weird dreams they had when children.

It wasn't until their mother died that Quinn and his sister understood what their parents did. One day the whole family was out, something rammed straight into the car all four were in causing Quinn's father to crash into a tree, instantly killing their mother while blinding Quinn's twin sister. Quinn doesn't remember much of what happened only that something evil was fighting his father before passing out and then woke up in a hospital. It was there that Quinn learned about his mother's death, his sisters blindness and his father's grief. Eventually the twins were released but their family wasn't the same. His father grief and turned to rage while his sister became afraid of everything and all Quinn had left was a bundle of emotions that someone his age shouldn't have. After some years of their family crumbling Quinn's sister decided to move back to Chancel, taking up the occupation of Cleric while Quinn decided just to stay and watch. Their father on the other hand just stay away, leaving behind two of his tail feathers which were given to Quinn. 

It was some time after this, maybe three or four years that Quinn's sister announced that she was having a baby but didn't want the child to grow up afraid of the world like she did so once the little girl was born and old enough, she asked Quinn to raise her in the human world. Quinn agreed instantly and has lived in the human world since. Unfortunately his niece health suffered greatly in the city but since Quinn's sister wanted her daughter to know her father's heritage Quinn agreed to move to one of the small villages in Japan. How he and Shiro became partners you ask? Well lets just say they got into trouble and Shiro's family found out but after some...talking in private with said family they both somehow ended up partners for Chancel. How? Well...Quinn won't say so your guess is as good as anyone else's.

Extra: -His markings don't resemble a regular Fire Salamander but look more like his mother's phoenix marks. 
-Martial Arts are how he dealt with his emotions growing up. He learned parkour and Mixed Martial Arts.
-His family was well off when they lived in the human world. AKA they were rich though Quinn doesn't really care about that type of stuff so pretty much no one knows it.
-Gets bugged constantly by nosy people who think he isn't fit enough to raise his niece.
-Known for getting into fights though he's never started them.
-Love's his niece to pieces
-Will laugh at stuff normal people wouldn't find funny.
-His father is Italian while his mother is Half Japanese/Half American
-His niece's name is Aika and is almost 5 years old.
-Sometimes has a hard time understanding Japanese and can't read certain kanji's so bare with him, he's learning.
-Is accident prone in the privacy of his own house.
Plans this weekend!! Finish some character art I drew and get the app readyyyy

Nisalvini: Poisoned Land


This was getting ridiculous, no matter how much he cut down it just seemed more black vines or plants would grown in their place. Galen glared at the black plants, trying to will them to burst into flame but alas magic wasn’t his forte. He wasn’t the only one helping with cutting down the horrid black menaces. Anyone who could hold a blade and knew how to be careful was trying to help. The scholars and researchers were doing their part, searching through the books and testing small samples of the plants and water that were contaminated by what ever was making Nisalvini into a mess.

“How the hell are they growing so fast?”

“Maybe it’s a sign from the gods?” 

Galen looked down from the make shift ladder he was on, glaring the two people who were suppose to be helping him out. Both flinched and quickly got to work, ignoring the red head as much as possible while working on the task of removing the horrible plants.

“…do you think we should burn them?” 

“Probably not, the ash would just float into the air and poison those who breathe it in.” Galen answered while throwing the vines he had cut into a basket carefully. Who knew what would happen if some of the liquid in the plant got on the skin, or worse a cut. The other helpers just grumbled something under their breaths while Galen climbed down from the ladder, picking up the full basket of black vines, leaves and other plants that held signs of whatever was making them black and headed towards where all the other baskets full of the tainted plants were. 


None of the books in the library told him anything, though Galen could hardly understand some of the words in the books to begin with. Searching endlessly in books for information on a plague that turns plants black when nothing like this ever happened here. But he was a fresh pair of eyes in a group of weary scholars, teachers and philosophers in this library so it couldn’t hurt to try.

“Couldn’t it just be a mold?” He asked, earning a long hard look from one of the near by scholars.

 “A mold wouldn’t affect some of the plants that are being affected.”

 Galen winced at the sharp tone, wondering why he even tries talking to guys like this sometimes. “What about the berries some have found, couldn’t that be a new species that’s spreading whatever is turning everything black?” He asked but only got a glare in response.

 “That might be plausible if not for the water being contaminated as well.”

Galen shut the book he was reading and just picked up another one up.  “If it affects both then yeah it does.” He muttered and the scholar just snorted in response. Galen just frowned, glancing through it and blinking. Why was a book of erotica in this stack? Well the books were everywhere so weird books were likely to pop up, but really?    

AA: Poisoned Land
To be warned I'm not much of a writer and originally I was going to draw the scenes and put the little stories I typed out in the summary for them but I've run out of time due to some personal things coming up so you get this instead~ I tried my best to use common sense in this, plus typing something for Galen is hard since I haven't really rped with him all that much... Enjoy~

By the way...what category would this go in? I don't know anymore!!!

503 word count worth 1 EXP I think...
Illegibilus - Damien Harrow by Youkai-Meimi
Illegibilus - Damien Harrow
I got in yay~
Also his hair turned out two yellow!! WTH it didn't look like this on my laptop!! =A= stupid mac...
Wears his hair up if it gets annoying.

:new: New info added enjoy!!!
• Name: Damien Harrow

• Age: 16 years old

• Gender: Male

• Height: 167 cm (5’6)

• Weight: 61 kg (136 pounds)

• Birthday: May 10th

• Nationality: British

• House: Gryffindor

• Year: Sixth 

• PersonalityQuiet  -  Shy  -  Brave  -  Loyal  -  Headstrong  -  Oblivious – Reckless  -  Impulsive.

*To start with, Damien is a very quiet boy that comes off as shy at first, only opening up after talking with someone after a while. This causes him to get teased by his brother very often but Damien has no trouble telling his brother where he put said teasing.  Damien himself doesn’t realize it, but he can come off as very brave and loyal, always standing by those he considers a friend, but also sticks his nose in dangerous situations only to come out with a huge smile filled with pride. 

Damien is really headstrong rarely changing his mind for anyone unless he’s forced to; which doesn’t work half the time and has been told that he’s way to stubborn for his own good. Very impulsive he usually acts before thinking, or speaking for that matter which also gets him into trouble.  He also is probably the most oblivious person you will ever meet when it comes to anything romantic. It just doesn’t click in his brain. It would be better just to give him a pamphlet with directions instead of trying to explain it; you’d just be wasting your breath.  Also watch out for his temper, it can be very explosive if he gets annoyed. Due to his childhood though, he tends to blame bad situations that happen around him on himself. 

• Background: Born and raised in London to parents who had him rather late in life, Damien was somewhat of a…surprise to both of them. It wasn’t that they didn’t want the child but it was no secret that his parent’s marriage was falling apart. So when Damien came along they decided to give their marriage another chance. Unfortunately this didn’t really sit well with certain members of both families, some even going as far as claiming that Damien was another mans child. It was never brought up though if it was true or not. 

Overall Damien’s childhood was pretty okay. His parents tried to raise him right while pushing rumors to the side and making sure Damien was taking care of. It was hard at times since the little boy was so stubborn, always wanting to do things on his own or clam up and not talk at all; but he was their baby so they made it work. He opened up even more when his older brother would come home from school. He’d always seemed to become the older boys shadow, following him around like a little lost puppy only to flee when Derrick would yell at him to scram and hide with his mother. He would always run to his mother. She was his safe haven, his protector and sure he liked his daddy just as much as his mommy, but his father always seemed to make him squirm. His mother was fine with this, embracing him each time something would happen to get him upset or to fix his scrapes but somewhere in between keeping Damien safe and the stress of all the flying rumors…she broke. It wasn’t immediate and no one noticed at first but as time passed Damien’s mother became extremely possessive. She wouldn’t allow him to do normal kid events, claiming that he wouldn’t be safe then use their other son Derrick as an example. This of course would cause arguments and once again their marriage was spiraling downwards. Damien of course had no idea what was going on, too young to really understand why his parents were fighting but was clued in eventually when one of his aunts slipped up; saying things like he looked nothing like a Harrow. 

In a rage his mother protested he was and in that moment lost control. She did something every parent fears to some point. Hitting their child. Everyone was shocked. Damien, his brother, father and even more so his mother. So she begged her husband to take them away, afraid she’d lose control again and do something an apology couldn’t bring back. So he did. 

Soon after Damien’s mother suffered from a psychotic break. Of course the Harrow family kept this all hush hush, pushing for Damien’s father to divorce his wife so that their name wouldn’t be dragged through the papers like trash, but he didn’t. As time passed, Damien grew up and learned of the rumors but never expressed worry about them. He pretended that everything was fine and went about his life like normal…or as normal as a kid could with one parent in St. Mugons for losing their mind and another always working.  Now what was he suppose to do?

Well for one when his father came home and found that everything had been stuck to the ceiling magically he decided to find Damien a hobby. And that hobby happen to come with his big brother. Quidditch. 

His brother happen to have quite a love for the game, and it seemed that Damien quickly grew to love the sport as well so it worked out well. It was also around this time that Damien’s 11th birthday was approaching. Everyone in the house was bursting with excitement. His letter had come. And of course he ended up going.  

His first year went by rather well despite all the worrying the boy had done in the beginning. He was a modest student that had some issues expressing his self and getting into trouble, but other than that Damien's first year was wonderful. Then he went home for the summer. That summer wasn't all that grand. His mother got worse, and after what seemed like for ever his father divorced her. This sadly only started the string of bad events. 

Due to her unsuitability, visitations were cut off from her children and that was pretty much the last time he saw his mother. It wasn't until he was away at school that he got the news that she had died. It was crushing, and caused him to pull away from others. His personality suffered, his grades suffered and even his ability to do spells seemed to suffer. If he wasn't blowing something up, he was either shrinking it or nothing would happen. When anyone would ask, he'd just push them away. It wasn't until he went home for the holidays that his father and brother could talk to him. It didn't really help much but after a while his brother finally managed to get him to spill, all his emotions came rushing out at once. After that..Damien's mood improved a bit. By the time he had gone back to school he had started to become his self again, his grades got better and his magic went back to normal.

His third year was really uneventful, except for the fact his father started to date a much younger woman and his brother decided to play around with his naiveness, scarring the poor boy for life. He did how ever start to take an interest in curse and how to disarm them. But he still managed to get into trouble, and the detentions to go with them.

:new: Fourth year turned about to be quite different. It started off fine but slowly things started to happen and with the death of a student by a teacher no less brought up many concerns with what remains of his family; but waved it off. (( I need to pay more attention to the journals, thats my new goal!

Many things happened his fifth year. He tried out for the quidditch team and actually got on it, dressed up as a dragon for the halloween ball and overall this was his most active year ever. And quite possibly the funniest year too.

• Family: Elizabeth Harrow- Mother and a pure blood witch from a semi wealthy family. Committed suicide his second year.
Derrick Harrow- Damien’s older brother who went to Hogwarts.
Desmond Harrow- Damien’s father and head of the Harrow Family, he works at the Ministry.
:new: Natalia Richards- Desmond's new wife! Yep they're getting married during the summer.

Likes & Dislikes: *Astronomy









*Cooking (though not good at it)


-Sour Foods

-Extremely nosey people

-Closed in spaces

-His personal bubble being invaded


• Elective Classes: Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:  Ancient Studies

• Spells: 

Lumos Charm-
 Creates a bright light from the end of the castor’s wand, which will stay unless dismissed or correctly countered.

Reductor Curse-Reducto

Causes a solid object to explode spectacularly. Famously used to destroy doors, sections of walls, priceless Fabergé artwork, and antique furniture.

Stunning Spell - StupefyChecui, or Musphasqa

Debate rages as to whether this is a charm, a jinx, or a hex - but it is considered one of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.

Shielding Charm - ProtegoDunbihu, or K'irara

Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connected to the skill and talent of the wizard, and stronger versions can protect against very advanced curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker. Other advanced uses of the spell include protecting an area from outside harm (Protego Totalum); there are as many advanced variations as there are wizards to think them up. 

Mobilization Charm - Mobilito or Kuyukuyu

Causes the target - usually something inanimate - to levitate and move at the caster's discretion. Many related, object-specific charms have been devised, including mobilicorpus (for bodies) andmobiliarbus (for trees).

 - Episkey

A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.


• Wand Ingredients

Core: Unicorn Hair

Length: 11 3/4

Wood: Willow

Flexibility: Unyielding 

• Pet:

Name: Lua

Species:  British Longhaired 

Gender: Female

Personality: A spunky kitten who likes to greet people with purrs. She's very friendly and likes her ears to be massaged. Lua somehow has come to view Damien as a chair since she's usually always seen on his shoulder in the dorms.

• Achievements:

(Did I do these right? Idk really ))


Extra: Seriously he’ll freak if you say a spider is on him or near him. He’s terrified of them.

*Doesn’t like to talk about his parents in general.

*Becomes a mess if he’s put under a large amount of pressure, but will never ask for help.
*Future career is to become either a Curse Breaker or an Auror.
*Is known for dying his hair at times
*Likes muggle things.
*Comes from a old family, though not a pure blood one its more of a mix.

Please tell me if anything is wrong with his info. I re-read the journals twice but that still doesn't mean I missed something. Or if something is to vague I'll try to type it more clear. ((Backstories aren't my forte...
Decided to add Achievements but I have no clue.... yeah.



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Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.
I'm so annoyed right now its unreal. I've been getting everything set up to return to school. Did FASFA and linked it to the school, set up my classes after sending my transcripts, proving I'm a RESIDENT of the state I've lived in my WHOLE LIFE and now the FASFA that was listed on my student info not even two weeks ago has suddenly VANISHED!!!!! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Yes this situation deserves that type of language. I've had so many problems with this school its unreal. What should have been two maybe three trips down to the campus to make sure everything is all good has turned in 7 almost 8 trips. Its ridiculous! I didn't have this much trouble when I applied to a private college but when I apply to a community college all this bullshit pops up? What. The. Fuck.
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How much does Patreon cost when you want to make an account for your art?
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Decided to do the pallet challenge to change things up a bit~ So you know the drill send me a number and one of my characters and I'll draw it in that pallet!! I've chosen to use :iconfallenzephyrart: 100 Pallet Challenge so that people can chose a lot of different colors and the credit goes to them and the sources they used to make the color pallet meme.

Here's the pallet: 100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyrArt
So go ahead and comment below and I'll do it!!

OH If asked I will do your character. The first five to ask get it.
1. Ryuu :iconinfinitystar: 88
2. Verona, requested by :iconrumbl3fish: 29
3. Khalila :iconmoe-satan: 32
4. Cass :iconpepolii: 72
5. Shinsei :icondoombox-x: 58

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OKAAAAYYYY any one who reads this. When I lets just say almost 9 years ago I watched this anime that dealt with this guy who was having dreams of a past life where he's handing this sword to a man who calls him 'Nii-san'. Outside of this dream he resumes his normal life but runs into this teen who looks just like the guy in his dreams dancing with a sword. Idk the details on that it was a while back but they pair up and start taking on the supernatural together. 

I think it might be shounen ai but I'm not all that sure...but if you know what I'm talking about then tell me! Its also a manga which is why I'm looking for it. I wanna see if the story finished and if I'll watch and re-read it for the hell of it. 

Seriously though...if you know it tell me. Don't just comment saying you don't know but it sounds interesting ^^;
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Skype is dead, can't get it to load without freezing. I've tried twelve times today so...yeah.

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