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:iconmeimichii: <--- Side account that was deactivated but will be up and running in two days. Some apps are on the account already; which are copies of the ones on here. So NO! No one has stolen my art.

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:
ACTIVE GROUPS: All groups I go for are very slow paced, planned out and optional activity type. Though some vary. If there not on this list then the group is either dead, or on hiatus.
:icontalesofdevotia: :iconoverlocked:
:iconsento-no-seirei: :icon1001-magical-nights:
:iconillegibilus: :iconpokedoempire:
:iconstardust-entity: :iconaquabia: <---I'm trying to get more into this group :'D
:iconmorphos-metaphor: <-- Love this group, though haven't had much rp time with it >w<
Sleeping Groups (hiatus): On breaks, or getting revamped.
:icono-asis: :iconPearls-of-Paradise:
:iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconcombo-lock:

Groups I wished I was in/trying for currently
:iconworldtrain: :iconsirens--kiss:
And finally :iconguilds-of-aether: <--I wish this group was alive. :~;
If they aren't listen then they are groups I'm contemplating leaving or just are dead. Keep in mind most people once they make a character don't have the heart to leave the group.
Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.
I'm torn between Kazuhito, which can translate to a lot of things though harmony, peace and benevolence person have been the popular search result. 

The second name is Touya, though the peach tree meaning seems more popular but it means other things too. Depends on the kanji you use.

So...what do you think?

1. Kazuhito
2. Touya
Okay~ Well as the title says RWBY team~ I'm looking for people who like RWBY by Rooster Teeth and would enjoy making a character based on the world. I have a character, Dante who uses a double bladed naginata that can doubles as a sniper gun and dual blades he's in my gallery somewhere, in fact I'm redesigning him. BUT thats not what I'm asking >.> Anyone wanna make a team with him? I thought it would be fun if I did this; since its different.

BTW his color dark blue and his symbol is a moon flower. His last name means deep dark blue (Sunil).

So if your interested tell me~

The team name will be D. A. W. N.


D: Dante Sunil



N: Nix Albus
Well it happened again pfft. I got tagged by :iconrumiiya: :'D So here comes the answers~ Remember though you don't have to do anything if you get tagged. This is optional.

1. Who's your fave oc?
  •  Seriously I have way to many oc's to just pick one, I'd be the type of person to give you a list instead of just saying one. Though here's a vague one. My fav oc's are the ones I get to use a lot, draw enough so that they don't look like another character and as for personal characters for stories...I love them all. Some more than others though.
2. What's yo fave medium to use for art?
  • Traditional all the way, though I'm fond of sketchy style digital wise; though some people don't like that. I prefer the pencil and paper method. Everything turns out good when I can draw it on real scale and not a box square ((Sorry Intous I still love you :iconpetsplz: ))
3. What's your favourite thing in your gallery?
  • I don't have a favorite in my gallery. My favorite is in my closet bigger than my bedroom wall and rolled up because it can't be scanned. o3o
4. If you were one of the 7 deadly sins, what would it be? 
  • Which one has the problem making decisions? Idk I'd be sloth too since I'm always sleepy. XD
5. Cell shading or soft shading?
  • My coloring style is a mix of both so I'm gonna say meh. AND YES Soft cell shading is a thing! >T
6. What's something you've always had a hard time drawing?
  • HANDS! POSES! And scenery! Everytime I try to make scenery look decent line wise it looks like shit! My sketch scenery looks legit though so idk what's going on there....:P
7. What's your fave mythical creature?
  • ....Is all an option?
8. Digital or traditional art?
  • Both =w= there are some things you can do traditional that you can't do digital, and the same goes for digital~
9. Who's someone you look up to?
  • Anyone who can draw realistic and be boss about it! I really adore :iconjuhaihai: artwork. She's very talented~
10. Do you like bishies-
  • Of course~ Apparently all I draw is bishi, or so I've been told.

Now for the tagging~
:iconhanuwabbit: :iconrumbl3fish: :iconfortranica: :iconasterswan: :iconmintyfreshmangos: and everyone else who see's this.

NOW for my questions~ >w<
  1. Whats your favorite medium to draw in?
  2. Which gender are you better at drawing?
  3. Fantasy or Mystery?
  4. If you were an animal which one would you be?
  5. Favorite Color or colors if you have one?
  6. Do you prefer long haired characters or short haired ones?
  7. Which power? Flying or Teleportation?
  8. Preference of clothing style?
  9. Are you shy?
  10. In your free time do you draw or listen to music?

Might be losing net because my grandfather is 'fed up' with my sister and I staying up late. So apparently me waiting till 9pm usually isn't good enough and he instead wants us to sit around the house all day, clean up after him and watch tv every day. Wow what a fucking life hm? He sleeps all day and he's complaining about us cause I stay up to four am sometimes :T 
Yay or nay? 

Now I'm pretty sure everyone knows what an Adopt is. If not its when I create a character then sell it to the highest bidder. Well thats the basic definition anyways. They usually come with rules attached...but I don't have to type that here. 

This would be on a seperate account so that my regular/group art won't get mixed up with my adopts but before I start actually creating something like that...would anyone actually be interested in that? I know some artist who do this and are really popular because of it so their adopts are usually taken right away.

But the question is... Should I and would anyone actually be interested in buying something like from me? 

Comment below plz? Thanks~

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AutumnCrazed Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist
Thank you so much for the help, you want to try it and see if it works now? ^^
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hm you go into the admin area, click on manage members, click on members and go to the gallery settings which should pop up on the right side in a white box, under galleries. You can set it to automatically accept or subject to vote. 
AutumnCrazed Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist
oops, how do you fix something like this? : o
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Old fashioned way is just typing the group name in and going about it that way. And I've gone to the gallery itself and it won't even let me submit there probably have it not available for regular members to add to the galleries in general. I had issues with that in my old group...took a bit to figure out ^^;
AutumnCrazed Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist
Nooooo, lol 
so you go to contribute to this folder and it says no?
What's the old fashioned way?

Want to figure out if this is a setting I need to fix or something
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