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Arrghhhh to much stuff not enough hourse
Okay I'm sick again so I'm probably not going to be on the net or skype for a while... Note me if stuff comes up cause I'll check on my iPod...

I hate being sick :'D
OL: Lizzy Coleman by Youkai-Meimi
OL: Lizzy Coleman

[Data Update] Character Info//

Name: Elizabeth Coleman

    Nickname: Lizzy

Level: NA

Age: 17 years old

DOB: February 14th

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Division: East Cauraha High, Sentinel

Quote(s): "Hi its nice to meet you I'm Lizzy!~" (Greeting people)
"I don't really think that's how its suppose to go..." (Unsure)
"Uh...not it?" (Bailing out//shot)
"When did this become normal?!"(Before a fight)
"Wow that's so amazing!" (Amazed)
"...Well that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.." (After a fight)

Personality: Caring - Adventurous - Cheerful - Colorful - Honest - Humble - Imaginative - Delicate - Passive - Competitive - Absent Minded - Messy

Likes: +Dancing

+Gym Class
+Treasure hunts
+Fantasy and Detective Novels
+Easy to move in clothes
+Cats and dogs

Dislikes: -Sitting still
-Math Class
-Boring sports
-Biographies and Non-Fiction
-Sour Foods
-Frilly poofy dresses
-Small Spaces

Talents: *Dancing, gymnastics and always finding her self in a situation that she has no business being in.

*Once she read's something (not skim) she can remember everything about it. NO quoting word for word but she could give you a detailed summary about it.

History: Some time ago a happy couple decided to get married right after graduating high school, running away from both their families due to their parents worrying that they were too young and after a few years of basically vanishing both came back with a little girl in tow. That was how Elizabeth Coleman was introduced to both her grandparents and how her life in Cauraha began. Elizabeth grew up in a loving home with her parents, never really worrying about the world outside as a child. She had a happy childhood and was clearly loved by those in her life. Sadly though the world never stays that way for long.

Around the time she was 9 years old Lizzy's mother died in a car accident and it devastated her father. He had lost the love of his life and at the time couldn't deal with even looking at Lizzy because she was such a strong reminder of the woman he loved dearly so he asked his parents to take care of her until he could get himself back together. Lizzy really didn't understand at the time but she wanted her father to feel better so she told her father it was okay and that she'd be good until he returned. This started a new leaf in her life. Living with her grandparents was...slightly different from her life with her parents but it was pretty good too. Neither were rich and it had been a while since a child Lizzy's age had been in their home but she was a delight for them. They loved her and quickly found out how much energy the little girl had so they asked if she wanted to learn something. Lizzy immediately answered yes and picked dancing, something she use to do with her mother and that started her love for dance.

To pass the time Lizzy would go to the park and pretend with the other kids, playing hide and seek, dressing up as knights to save the princess and pretending to be chased by mythical creatures that weren't there. She'd even set up treasure hunts, with her grandparents help, just to add the fun exciting part to finding your way around the city. It was pretty fun.

She spent many years with her grandparents was there when her grandmother died and helped her grandfather out when ever she could since she had become quite a 'grandpa's girl' around him. He was a respected man despite not having any money or some title to his name due to his past as a successful lawyer but put that all behind him after hitting the retirement age. Now he just watches over Lizzy, chasing away ruffians and making sure that she'll never have to worry about being left alone. Lizzy in return does the same for him, though with school, gymnastics and her hobby for dancing it can be quite entertaining. 

Trivia: *Has a habit of dying her hair cool colors.
*On the gymnastic team at school.
*Is left handed.
*Always looking for rumors of haunting or mysteries around the city.
*Does not have a mean bone in her body. She can get annoyed but she doesn't believe in violence solving everything.
*Found out about Khads and Pands through a friend and met one in the park at one point (*coughAdriancough*)

[Log Sequence] Battling//

Contract Availability: Open for Contract

Powers: Side Step
     The ability to ‘side step’ an enemies attack, moving to the side while it looks like she’s still there only to have the image to turn into little orbs when the attack hits the fake image. Heavily speed based.
        *Speed Step: An off branch of the 'Side Step'. Instead of moving to the side like normally, it starts off as a run and has Lizzy move at super speed with the energy following after her like a shadow. (Not active)
More info:   

    Weapon: Chakram with a bell.


  • Health: ?? | Magic: ?? | Attack: ?? | Defense: ?? | Speed: ??

Battling Style: She's extremely graceful due to the dancing background and can do these amazing flips while in movement too so its kind of fun to watch her fight. Its almost like a game of cat and mouse. The enemy chases while she dodges and tries to get to a place the other couldn't before running away. 

Themes: TBA

How much does Patreon cost when you want to make an account for your art?
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Lizzy Coleman by Youkai-Meimi
Lizzy Coleman
Full name Elizabeth Coleman but goes by Lizzy. She's for :iconoverlocked: as an npc that I've been working on. I finished her app image so I decided to add it =w= Now onward to her info!!


Youkai-Meimi's Profile Picture
Jordan Kelley
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
:iconmeimichii: <--- Side account that was deactivated but will be up and running in two days. Some apps are on the account already; which are copies of the ones on here. So NO! No one has stolen my art.

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:
ACTIVE GROUPS: All groups I go for are very slow paced, planned out and optional activity type. Though some vary. If there not on this list then the group is either dead, or on hiatus.
:icontalesofdevotia: :iconoverlocked:
:iconsento-no-seirei: :icon1001-magical-nights:
:iconillegibilus: :iconpokedoempire:
:iconstardust-entity: :iconaquabia: <---I'm trying to get more into this group :'D
:iconmorphos-metaphor: <-- Love this group, though haven't had much rp time with it >w<
Sleeping Groups (hiatus): On breaks, or getting revamped.
:icono-asis: :iconPearls-of-Paradise:
:iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconcombo-lock:

Groups I wished I was in/trying for currently
:iconworldtrain: :iconsirens--kiss:
And finally :iconguilds-of-aether: <--I wish this group was alive. :~;
If they aren't listen then they are groups I'm contemplating leaving or just are dead. Keep in mind most people once they make a character don't have the heart to leave the group.
Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.
How much does Patreon cost when you want to make an account for your art?
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Decided to do the pallet challenge to change things up a bit~ So you know the drill send me a number and one of my characters and I'll draw it in that pallet!! I've chosen to use :iconfallenzephyr: 100 Pallet Challenge so that people can chose a lot of different colors and the credit goes to them and the sources they used to make the color pallet meme.

Here's the pallet: 100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyr
So go ahead and comment below and I'll do it!!

OH If asked I will do your character. The first five to ask get it.
1. Ryuu :iconinfinitystar: 88
2. Verona, requested by :iconrumbl3fish: 29
3. Khalila :iconmoe-satan: 32
4. Cass :iconpepolii: 72
5. Shinsei :icondoombox-x: 58

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OKAAAAYYYY any one who reads this. When I lets just say almost 9 years ago I watched this anime that dealt with this guy who was having dreams of a past life where he's handing this sword to a man who calls him 'Nii-san'. Outside of this dream he resumes his normal life but runs into this teen who looks just like the guy in his dreams dancing with a sword. Idk the details on that it was a while back but they pair up and start taking on the supernatural together. 

I think it might be shounen ai but I'm not all that sure...but if you know what I'm talking about then tell me! Its also a manga which is why I'm looking for it. I wanna see if the story finished and if I'll watch and re-read it for the hell of it. 

Seriously though...if you know it tell me. Don't just comment saying you don't know but it sounds interesting ^^;
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Skype is dead, can't get it to load without freezing. I've tried twelve times today so...yeah.
Decided to give this a go, plus I need some practice.
I am doing free sketch, both traditional and digital commissions. 

Okay its getting close to christmas and in the spirit of it I decided to give this a go. I was going to sign up for a Santa group to draw for others but this seems a bit more personal. I like to talk to the people who own their characters...I guess. Who knows. Don't question it LOL.

Anyways post which character you'd like for me to draw, or if you want me to design a character that ISN'T too detailed. You know the drill, but remember I'll be picking which is why its a give away not just free sketches. I won't be telling who I pick or how many I pick; which is why it will still be a bit more christmas like =w=.

Post away~

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