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:iconmeimichii: <--- Side account that was deactivated but will be up and running in two days. Some apps are on the account already; which are copies of the ones on here. So NO! No one has stolen my art.

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:
ACTIVE GROUPS: All groups I go for are very slow paced, planned out and optional activity type. Though some vary. If there not on this list then the group is either dead, or on hiatus.
:icontalesofdevotia: :iconoverlocked:
:iconsento-no-seirei: :icon1001-magical-nights:
:iconillegibilus: :iconpokedoempire:
:iconstardust-entity: :iconaquabia: <---I'm trying to get more into this group :'D
:iconmorphos-metaphor: <-- Love this group, though haven't had much rp time with it >w<
Sleeping Groups (hiatus): On breaks, or getting revamped.
:icono-asis: :iconPearls-of-Paradise:
:iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconcombo-lock:

Groups I wished I was in/trying for currently
:iconworldtrain: :iconsirens--kiss:
And finally :iconguilds-of-aether: <--I wish this group was alive. :~;
If they aren't listen then they are groups I'm contemplating leaving or just are dead. Keep in mind most people once they make a character don't have the heart to leave the group.
Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.


AB: Adrian, Sibs and Luna by Youkai-Meimi
AB: Adrian, Sibs and Luna
So...I'm short on gold and this has been playing in my head for days. This features Adrian in his favorite spot, the park and his siblings finding him through a quirky unknown woman. Yep sums it up.

Also both Marcus and Alyssia tackled Adrian so yeah....
CT: Mini Gem Event by Youkai-Meimi
CT: Mini Gem Event
So....after searching all over my house for my marker paper I finally found it! Okay not what your wanting to hear. What is this? My attempt at copic markers~ Its been a while since I've used them and recently I've decided to get more back into traditional artwork again so I've been watching the hell out of copic tutorials and...this is what I got. I don't have the layering down quite yet and its a bit difficult with my current style ?(might not look different but it is trust me)) Plus...I don't have the mountain of copic markers like some artist do so I had to substitute some colors for this.

Now... This is for the mini event with gem stones. I chose a simple design with a white gem for hope and who ever comments first FROM THE GROUP gets it. And if you want I'll draw a close up of the hairpin too so you can have an image of it? (idk)

ANDDDDD :iconchocominty: wins the pin!!!
CE- Casper Hawthorne by Youkai-Meimi
CE- Casper Hawthorne
Okay I've been wanting to join this group for almost a year and kept missing its join date...just like I do with BJBB =-= but this time I managed to get it done!!! Enjoy~
Casper Hawthorne



17 years old


137 lbs

October 28th



+Creating Spells
+Potion Making/Cooking
+Mischief Making
+Practicing Magic

-Sitting Still
-Being Woken Up
-Sour Foods

Pyrokinesis- The ability to create and manipulate fire with ones mind. Casper was born with the ability naturally and can use it to do many things at will. It can be hard to control if he gets to angry but his parents put a type of binding spell on him when he was younger so that he didn't accidentally do something that couldn't be fixed.
    *His pyrokinesis is similar to fire bending, except for the impossible moves mind you, and consist of Fire Balls, Walls, whips and other cool things.

Telekinesis- His second ability and also something his clan all inherit in some way. Can move things with his mind, eyes or hands when he feels like it. Usually done to cure his boredom since he gets bored easily, or to pull off pranks but can be used to fight with. Unfortunately overusing this power can cause headaches so he doesn't usually go all out with it. Has kind of a zapping effect.
    *Think Charmed and you got the telekinesis down. Not the orb version though.
Magic- Since he's a wizard he has a natural magic flow with untapped potential. He's rather well at spells and rituals.

Flexible- As in its easy for him to change his approach between task, or that he can multitask well without difficulty. This goes the same for his two main powers though he's more likely to use pyrokinesis since it comes natural to him.

Water- Casper isn't really fond of water. For one thing it interfere's with his Pyrokinesis and really its been a constant torture in his childhood due to one of his brothers having Hydrokinesis as a power. Now he's fine with a tub or a shower but when it comes to swimming or a mass body of water he's the first to run in a different direction.

Attention- Okay just because he likes to have fun does not mean he likes being the center of attention. In fact if it wasn't for the fact he like to 'bend' rules he'd be home free but alas its not in his nature to sit still and be a good boy. Considering he's the youngest son out of four boys it does make sense. In plain words. He's shy.

Memorizing- He's not good at memorizing things, names or even simple things. You could tell him a thousand times and he'd still forget. But thankfully as a child his siblings and he made a game up to help him remember important things.

Control- Casper is completely terrified of what would happen if he lost control of his powers or if the binding spell on him got lifted before he learned to fully control it. He already knows with just past things that have happened when he's lost control of his temper that if something like that happens without a...limiter(?) it could be bad. This doesn't affect his ability to use his power when wanted though or if its needed for small things because of the binding spell.

Health- Normally he's pretty healthy but if around someone who has the sniffles this guy is out for a week with the flu. Why so drastic? His body temperature gets messed up, powers go hay wired and he can't think properly so his temper flares up and he does things that make him worse. 

Emotional- A given right? Casper is prone to getting rather emotional over time due to his personality and he has a huge problem sharing these emotions simply because he doesn't know how to express his self properly to others so there's a chance he could blow up at someone...or blow something up. Either way it just gets worse after that if no one tries to talk to him about it because he sure as hell won't run to someone to talk.

Trouble- He likes to make things interesting. If its a slow day he's gonna try and make something fun happen if he's not entertained by something else. So...borderline ADD except its selective.

+Courages +Dependable +Clever +Adaptable +Passionate +Resourceful +Humorous +Loyal +Reliable +Caring
-Impulsive -Moody -Short Temper -Stubborn -Impatient -Irresponsible(with his actions) -Easily Embarrassed -Shy -Trouble Maker


Casper was born to Claude Hawthorne and his wife Marian, born the youngest son out of three, and was blessed/cursed with the power of fire at a rather young age. This wasn't a big deal since the Hawthorne Coven was big and due to past mingling with other races elemental powers were common in the line later on, but after a while Casper's control over his power became a challenge. Fire was never an easy element and at a younger age Casper was prone to having temper tantrums but sometimes random fires would start or he'd set the area around him on fire. It was then his parents realized this wouldn't be as easy to teach him to control his powers like his brothers. So...they bound the power a bit so he couldn't use it at full power and left it at that. As time went on though and Casper got older he realized that his parents just chose the easy way when it came to him but when it came to his brother's they flew to the moon. He understood of course, they had the better control, were more powerful than he was and gave their coven a good name but he really wish they had tried a bit more for him.

Where his parents failed though his brothers succeeded. They helped him learn what he knows today and taught him how to use his powers more than just let them overflow. His parents though didn't really pay attention unless he was in trouble or blew up the kitchen trying to practice potions with a cousin, they didn't even know he had telekinesis until he was 13... But yeah his brothers were the rocks in his life that shaped his knowledge. And they did pretty well but he still wanted more. It wasn't until one day Casper was running away from something he probably shouldn't have woken up, tripped down a hill and landed in the middle of a field. It was then a letter magically appeared next to his head addressed to him He opened it of coursed, skimmed it for a moment just as a howl echoed in the air and poof, he ended up at Crepuscule Estate having no clue as to how he ended up there. 

Claude Hawthorne- Father
Marian Hawthorne (nee Ridley)- Mother
Roland Hawthorne- Oldest Brother (25) 
Jonah Hawthorne- Second Brother (22)
Malik Hawthorne- Third Brother (19)

If you see something missing or need more info please be sure to tell me and I'll explain it better~
AlterBlast- Adrian Von Melrosa by Youkai-Meimi
AlterBlast- Adrian Von Melrosa
:iconalterblast: :iconalterblast: :iconalterblast:
Well look what I finally finished after months of not wanting to show it? Also I drew the images on this app at different times so the art style might be different...I know the coloring is because the headshot was colored today in CPS which I...can't seem to color in. New program requires practice...

Name: Adrian Von Melrosa

Nickname: Adri 

Level: 18

Age: 800 years old (appears 19-20)

DOB: December 6

Gender: Male

Height: 185 cm
Weight: 70.3 kg

Race: Celestial

Faction: Andaeli Alliance 
Occupation: Guardian*

Quote(s):“Any day would be wonderful…”
    “…What does this do?”
    “Stop bothering me….”
    “Hm…I wonder how this works?”
    “You have got to be joking.”
    "...Why do I feel like a babysitter suddenly?"

  Quiet - Loyal - Observant - Imaginative - Caring - Moody - Stubborn - Reliable - Adaptable - Cautious - Shy - Temperamental - Lazy(ish)
    Adrian is over all a very quiet man who normally watches from afar to make sure everything goes right, or as right as it can. He has quite a flare with imagining things, usually good at telling stories to kids or adding his own little touch to the music he plays. Overall he's rather caring and extremely gentle when it comes to children or those he cares for greatly and if he says he's going to do something he usually does. Adrian is very adaptable, he doesn't have a problem with fitting in if he has a good grasp on what he needs to do but he's also rather cautious and usually has back up plans for his original back up plans. Unfortunately this guy is really stubborn and rarely changes his mind when he actually makes it up, which is rare since he kind of goes with the flow most of the time, but he can be rather moody too since he doesn't really know how to express his self very well, plus he's really shy. His temper...well its usually nonexistent since he's had a lot of practice with idiots and situations that seem too ridiculous to happen, and that only manages to aggravate him. To really get his control to snap if have to be really stupid or out right threatening his family and friends. Once snapped though he can get kind of scary so I'd suggest not doing this...unless you know you can walk away without bruises and broken bones. Oh! He's developed the habit of sleeping in strange places and napping when he shouldn't. So if you see him in a tree asleep don't be surprised. 

Likes: +Animals
+Instruments (Piano and Violin)
+Human Technology

Dislikes: -Cold Air (freezes his wings)
-Chirping early in the morning
-Sour Foods
-Dumb Asses
-Situations that seem impossible but still happen
-Aggravating situations
-Getting sick (it happens)
-Headaches (has them a lot)
-Pure Blackness

Born the oldest son in a prominent family that is known for their ability to protect, Adrian was raised in Sanctuary with his twin sister, adopted younger brother and his little brother for most of his life. Since the day he was born expectations were placed upon him. He was to become the next head of the family, become a powerful fighter and carry on the family name. It became obvious, at least to his mother, that this would not be the case when he showed no interest in fighting and was always running away with his twin and two brothers. Of course that didn't mean she'd let him just play all day, his mother was very strict when it came to his education and was the one who sparked his biggest passion. Music. It was the only thing that would make Adrian sit down long enough to be taught anything. Sadly though his father was not...pleased with this one bit, but doesn't mean Adrian was raised in a loveless home, just a strict one.

Surprisingly enough as time passed Adrian proved to have a skill for not only magic but archery as well. Being from a rather rich family he had some of the best teachers, though most would say he wasn't the best student, but when it came to all seriousness Adrian excelled. Unfortunately though Adrian had a lot to hide growing up, mostly about himself and this caused him to become detached from his family and others. Some would call him cold, uncaring and a social outcast but in truth he was just terrified of what people would think, what his family would think if they found out about what he was hiding. His twin sister and adopted brother already knew, not really shocking since the three were like the 'Three Musketeers' but his parents didn't have a clue. Cornered by his siblings one day Adrian finally admitted that he was gay, something that wasn't really heard of where they lived and ruined any future ideas of him 'continuing the bloodline'. His siblings supported him in this though and after talking it out with them, all three went to tell their parents. His father didn't take the news well, going as far as telling Adrian it was unacceptable for someone in their family to be like that and in not so many words told him if he continued such thoughts he wouldn't be family. This was in all blind rage mind you, everyone in the family knew something like that would never happen but it managed to create a larger crack in their family dynamics.

In an attempt to keep his mind off everything, Adrian withdrew from the public world and stayed in his house unless he was required to work his 'patrolling' job, which he only got because he and his siblings signed up together to gain experience but that could only keep him from thinking about stuff for so long. After another argument with his parents, this time over his recent behavior, Adrian decided to leave for a while. He used the excuse of searching for the 'Fragments' in Fronteria to just get away from everything since he never paid much attention to that part of his lessons.

It was his time in Fronteria that he learned that humans were not that different from his own race, minus some major physical difference in Celestials and Humans, and that they came in all different variety just like Celestial's did. He's getting use to them just like he's gradually getting use to his own race (due to self isolation) and has found both aren't that bad once you get to know one personally. 

Data Share Availability: No (might change due to RL I'll get back to this later)</b>

Theme Name: The Ever Glowing Light
Theme Description: Adrian always seems to care a light with him, either in his eyes or on his weapons it's almost like a little light guiding people through the dark. While usually not seen since he likes to play 'Blend in with the World', he could brighten anyone's path if needed. 

Aura Sensing- The ability to sense the aura of anything with life. Inside his mind Adrian can pick up those who are near, guess at their race based on the color of their aura, and tell what they are feeling. While it works better with blood ties, if he knows the person well enough he can find them by just concentrating on what their aura feels like to him. Recently this has developed in him being able to read the 'impression' of what people left behind in an area but it only shows up when he's extremely emotional.
    *This ability has some draw backs sadly. Headaches, migraines and sometimes it becomes too loud for him since the ability can't be turned off. (Pst Not a spell)
Pendaliea Lux- A spell that is similar to the wisp of light that usually floats off his hair, but in a larger mass and it seems to be what his teachers would call his natural magic. When used a wave of light magic will come from Adrian's body, pushing back the targets in an instant, temporarily paralyzing them or knocking them out. The affects of this spell depend all on Adrian's emotions when he uses it though.
    *Adrian's last ditch spell that he usually saves for last unless he's to emotional to control it, which does happen since it can be activated through fear, but the spell is very draining and can put him out of commission for quite a while. This skill only effects those in the blasting range but the furtherest away from Adrian will recover faster. Range on normal is 4 feet, if he's mad or losing control of his emotions it doubles. (Shaped like a wave which means its spreads out from where Adrian stands. Think half of a full moon)
Crystallum Murmm- A spell that summons a dome barrier around the user and those next to them in an almost blue crystal like wall that glistens like a crystal in the light. When shattered it breaks apart like rainbow glass. Dome is big enough to surround Adrian and another person depending on their size, maybe two if the person is small.
    *An easy spell but if shattered by force can injure the castor.
Lux ExcussoA spell that can shock enemies that come with in reaching contact of Adrian. Causes numbing and due to the amount of light coming from the spell can blind an enemy for a second.
    *Not only does it cause numbing on the enemies but also on Adrian so he doesn't use it much.
Vitea Tactus- A healing spell that can heal minor wounds and stall serious ones. The spell sends a warming sensation through the one its being used on and might cause drowsiness. Adrian cause use it on his self though mostly just to thaw out his wings since he can control the warmth the spell uses.
    *The warming sensation is suppose to be soothing, like your being protected and cuddled in a warm soft blanket. While Adrian can't use it on himself, it does work well on minor injuries on others.

Weapon: ▶Lithelea- A beautiful archery bow that Adrian's mother gave him as a present. Its very detailed and while the string is not visible most of the time, if you pull on it you'll see a shimmer of light as the string. The arrows are supposedly endless since the gems on the bow create them but this is a myth. The gems store about 25 arrows so Adrian is really picky about using them and makes sure his aim is true. If he runs out of arrows he might be able to stab someone with one of the ends or hit someone in the head with it but...probably won't happen.
Luxie- A small short sword his siblings gave him because you never know when you'll need a blade. Adrian doesn't use it but he does keep it on his person just in case its needed. Though since he likes to stay away from fighting unless sparring, it probably won't be seen.

Stats: 131 SP

  • Health: 30 | Magic: 25 | Strength: 20 | Defense: 20 | Speed: 36

Battling Style: Adrian is first and foremost an archer who can shoot at a quick speed but also is so light on his feet that he's rather hard to catch off guard. He can switch between a fighting stance to a defensive one rather quick and due to training in different types of martial arts forced on him as a child he can hold his own in a fight. While he excels in archery his skills with a blade are not as good as they should be. Watching him fight is kind of like a complicated but interesting dance. ((For a real life reference of the fighting style, there's this t.v. show called "Arrow" He can fight like Oliver can in the show basically but with more..grace? )) 

Themes: Main-…
More coming soon

 -Adrian can play the piano rather well and likes to play to relieve stress. Though he'll use any reason to play the piano to begin with. Has recently picked up the violin as well.
-Has picked up the bad habit of sleeping in recently.
-Has this air around him that draws animals to him. Birds and small animals like dogs or squirrels mostly.
-While a relationship isn't on his mind, I as his owner think it would be interesting to see how a Celestial from the Hellion Ring would go relationship wise.
-While not in contact with his parents, he is in contact with his siblings and usually gets stuck watching his littlest sibling when not busy.
-Siblings Names(By Age): Alyssia(20), Marcus(19), Engel(7)
-Can shift into a more 'human' form with magic so he doesn't draw unneeded attention. 
-Does like meeting new people but can come off as uninterested. 
-Isn't open with his sexuality and if asked will usually avoid answering or change the topic. Though if its serious he will answer.
-Has never gotten sick before, at least until he arrived in Fronteria 
**The blue in his hair is something that happens when he's powered up for spells. So yeah normally his hair is just black with a dark blue hue.
**He can poof his wings out of sight so they won't be a problem for him. The wings though shine different colors despite being a blue tone and their prone to freezing in cold weather since there...not feathery wings? Idk what you'd call his wings...astral? Mana? idk.

I'm sure I forgot something and will probably add it later =w=
If you have questions ask me~ More coming soon

Okay I've been having trouble with my laptop for the past couple of years. It started off as it just not wanting to get online but now its come to not even allowing me onto the internet without freezing it. Basically its dying in simple terms. Colors going out, can't get virus protection to remove viruses and I somehow got the 'Call Now" virus when I don't even use my laptop for the internet anymore so figure that one out. 

I'm taking it to where I bought it to get a scan so I'm not quite to the point where I'm going to buy a new one but I'm asking for recommendations for a new one.

As an artist who does some digital work I'd like one that works well with art programs, which in all honesty Mac's don't really do. Yes they are compatible with Photoshop but I don't want to pay every month for PS when I barely use it. I have a Mac OS X so I don't need a laptop to go with it.

  • Ram (must)
  • Storage (must)
  • Screen Size/Resolution (best for color)
  • Battery Life (something that last more than 2 hours)
And preferably a good operating system. 
Also hopefully somewhere around $750 and lower.
  • Mood: Disgust
I'm so annoyed right now its unreal. I've been getting everything set up to return to school. Did FASFA and linked it to the school, set up my classes after sending my transcripts, proving I'm a RESIDENT of the state I've lived in my WHOLE LIFE and now the FASFA that was listed on my student info not even two weeks ago has suddenly VANISHED!!!!! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Yes this situation deserves that type of language. I've had so many problems with this school its unreal. What should have been two maybe three trips down to the campus to make sure everything is all good has turned in 7 almost 8 trips. Its ridiculous! I didn't have this much trouble when I applied to a private college but when I apply to a community college all this bullshit pops up? What. The. Fuck.
  • Mood: Disgust
How much does Patreon cost when you want to make an account for your art?
  • Mood: Optimism
Decided to do the pallet challenge to change things up a bit~ So you know the drill send me a number and one of my characters and I'll draw it in that pallet!! I've chosen to use :iconfallenzephyrart: 100 Pallet Challenge so that people can chose a lot of different colors and the credit goes to them and the sources they used to make the color pallet meme.

Here's the pallet: 100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyrArt
So go ahead and comment below and I'll do it!!

OH If asked I will do your character. The first five to ask get it.
1. Ryuu :iconinfinitystar: 88
2. Verona, requested by :iconrumbl3fish: 29
3. Khalila :iconempathnhi: 32
4. Cass :iconpepolii: 72
5. Shinsei :icondoombox-x: 58

  • Mood: Optimism
OKAAAAYYYY any one who reads this. When I lets just say almost 9 years ago I watched this anime that dealt with this guy who was having dreams of a past life where he's handing this sword to a man who calls him 'Nii-san'. Outside of this dream he resumes his normal life but runs into this teen who looks just like the guy in his dreams dancing with a sword. Idk the details on that it was a while back but they pair up and start taking on the supernatural together. 

I think it might be shounen ai but I'm not all that sure...but if you know what I'm talking about then tell me! Its also a manga which is why I'm looking for it. I wanna see if the story finished and if I'll watch and re-read it for the hell of it. 

Seriously though...if you know it tell me. Don't just comment saying you don't know but it sounds interesting ^^;
  • Mood: Optimism

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