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Illeg: Costume Meme by Youkai-Meimi
Illeg: Costume Meme

For the costume event!! Damien was paired up with Piper and we got dragon!!! I ended up following her gold and red with armor and horns theme...I just did the cape differently and didn't draw a mask cause I forgot the date it was due and rushed to finish this today....sorry if its horrible!!!

Piper belongs to :iconaltomere:
Ethernitas- Soren by Youkai-Meimi
Ethernitas- Soren
Okay saw this and knew that I had to try and join! I would beat myself up if I hadn't. I spent a while deciding which race to chose, coming up with three different ones; but eventually chose my dragon based race...which is still named dragon since I couldn't think of another name for it. I didn't want to crowd my character with information but if more is needed please inform me I'll gladly add more!!

Vines were kind of my inspiration for this guy...and we all know I'll probably design three more outfits for him ^^;

Name: Soren

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1

Occupation: Drifter /Hired Hand

Realm: Larea Vanya

Fragrance: Soft but lingering. Lavandar mixed in with a hint of other herbs and faint floral smell.

Species: Sealed Dragon  (Opal Dragon/Obsidian Dragon)

            Long ago due to a misunderstanding two clans of dragons got cursed by each other, forced into their human forms and unable to transform back into their true forms. Since then both clans have taken a new name. Divinus for the Opal Dragons and Impia for the Obsidian Dragons and both clans consider each other enemies. The Divinus reside in Larea Vanya and Impia in Ingati'ur. 

Personality:  Headstrong – Temperamental – Loyal –Polite – Shy – Curious – Stubborn. 

Soren is a headstrong teen with a wicked temper for those who get on his bad side, but loyal to a tee to those who manage to worm their way into his heart and earn the title of friend or family. Since he was mostly raised by his mother he’s polite to anyone he meets regardless if he has been treated with disrespect. 

Due to coddling as a child, Soren can be shy around new people but after some warming up he becomes a chatterbox, sometimes so much that you literally have to cover his mouth to get him to stop talking; many have said its due to nerves. Unfortunately his mother could never nip his curiosity in the bud so once something catches his curiosity he has a hard time containing it. It’s usually the reason he gets into so much trouble to be honest. 

Naturally stubborn it takes a lot to change this guys mind; hell even divine intervention wouldn’t work that’s how stubborn he is. If you manage to hurt this teen in any way, emotionally or physically it takes a lot to get back in his good graces. His temper is something to watch out for though since it's like a a fire, very easy to start and hard to put out. He's learned to control it but feel free to push him around if he goes into a rage. 


History: The second child of the Divinus clan self-proclaimed King that resides in Muriborough, his twin sister born a whole two minutes before him, Soren was raised by his mother and trained to become the perfect knight while his twin sister Seles was raised to be the next queen. Shunned at a young age due to his dark hair and tan skin, Soren spent the majority of his time with his mother and tutors; who only taught him what they deemed “worthy of his status”, which wasn’t much. Sadly this included magic and even knowledge about his race.

Rumors were quite popular in his childhood, deeming him either a child of sin or a cursed child but as he got older the rumors got worse and slowly started to make him question his existence. In passing he heard his father and another lord of his clan talking about how his mother had supposedly been in a relationship before their marriage, resulting in his existence causing Soren to run away in shock. In his mad dash to get away he ran into his mother and instantly spilled his heart. His mother though refused to confirm or deny anything, only giving him a strange pendant with a red stone and saying that “Many things are not what they seem.”

Eventually time passed and not having answers about his parentage started to eat away at Soren, and the fact that his father was quickly falling into madness due to the same thing didn’t help. Yes the man never treated him like a real son, but the level of abuse he was receiving was ridiculous. So after saying goodbye to the few that loved him in his clan, he set off into the world with no clue where to start expect for the pendant he was given…

Since then he’s been wandering aimlessly around Larea Vanya with his companion Zarius. 

Abilities:  Speech- Despite his natural dragon form being sealed away due to the curse, Soren can naturally speak to other dragons of his own species, or those that have been welcomed into his clan. It can be in just simple speech or on rare occasion/private occurrence telepathic; which he only shares with Zarius and his twin sister.

Magic- Soren’s natural magical ability seems to be a mix between Earth and Fire. Since the worlds Ether is running out and not having a proper teacher growing up his skills are limited to simple spells, though he seems to have a skill for over healing and setting fire to things by accident. He can heal simple scratches but since he's never had a teacher anything above that goes over his head. Same with the fire except he has a tendency to over summon ether and create bigger spells than needed.
    *Caring Hand- A small healing spell and pretty much the only one he knows. It can heal simple scrapes or cuts and...maybe ease pain if something's broken but that's about it. Its element is earth, so it glows green and looks like vines with flowers on it, covering the wounded area and making it tickle before healing said injury.
    *Hell's Pyre- Can range from a simple camp fire to a medium sized fire ball. It burns rather hot hence its name.

Swordsmanship- One of his better skills due to actually being taught by someone who actually cared for him, he’s pretty much mastered his clans fighting ability with a sword. Combines it with his natural agility and enhanced physical abilities, making him pretty good, not that he’s bragging. There are plenty of people who could kick has ass if needed; his sister included. 

Physical / Mental Abilities- Over time due to the curse, Divinus and Impia bodies started to make up for what they lost, their bodies being stronger and their minds becoming rather open. They also integrated what they would do in their true forms into their humans form. So lots of touching and nuzzling for friends and family. its natural but annoying. Attempting to teach Soren draconic magic but hasn’t made any process with the boy.  



Vit: 16
 Agl: 30 Dex: 30 

Ether: 19

Trans: 0 

Likes:  +Astronomy






Dislikes: -Heat


-His father

-Being used


-Small Places


Relationships: Seles- His older twin sister and the ‘supposed’ next queen for the Divinus Clan. Is his exact opposite in looks, taking after their mother in that department. Said to be the Divinus kings daughter but her eyes prove otherwise, but since there blue people overlook it. 

Zarius- A dragon that is about two times bigger than a normal horse. Not native for Larea Vanya, but was accepted into the Divinus due to his old age and knowledge of dragon magic. Unfortunately Zarius decided to bind his self to Soren, which stopped any secret plans to use him against the Impia. Can shift into a smaller form for travel on foot. (Not a weapon, only for travel and mentoring)

Gale- An old friend that decides to help Soren with his journey. By trade he’s a pirate though only for things that interest him A water mage that hails from a special race of humans that have ties with the ocean and its creatures. 

Additional Information: *Divinus mostly reside in Muriborough and when I say king, its more of the head of the clan.
*Impia reside in Har'uuk Savanna, and yes they have the same monarch as the Divinus but are less strict and more open to change.
For the sake of arguments about parentage and the actual percent rate of two twins having different fathers I’ve decided to make Seles and Soren have the same father instead of two different ones.

For more species information and other facts read this:

Adrian's wings by Youkai-Meimi
Adrian's wings
Well....finally drew something that showed how Adrian's wings change but this is just an example of the few colors they can go. His wings are pretty resistant to pretty much anything except cold weather. If he flies to high or its too cold his wings tend to freeze making it harder to fly and sometimes crash....
Wisteria's house by Youkai-Meimi
Wisteria's house
....meh is all I got to say >.> Houses aren't my forte but decided to do it anyways. Its crappy I know but I wanna draw her room *which is something I'm good at ironically....

For current event.
The Final Battle by Youkai-Meimi
The Final Battle
Okay I was rping with :iconrumiiya: for the final mission and we decided to do a collab for it. Nothing too big, though it did have to be resized because I'm a derp and added an unneeded zero....

Anyways, Lior is fighting for a strange warped way of freedom, though he already views his self as being free but he mostly fighting for peace. Picked Peace because eventually somehow that leads to freedom in some way. But yeah Peace it is. 
Lineart: :iconyoukai-meimi:
Colors and Elsa's Pose: :iconrumiiya:


Youkai-Meimi's Profile Picture
Jordan Kelley
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:iconmeimichii: <--- Side account that was deactivated but will be up and running in two days. Some apps are on the account already; which are copies of the ones on here. So NO! No one has stolen my art.

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If they aren't listen then they are groups I'm contemplating leaving or just are dead. Keep in mind most people once they make a character don't have the heart to leave the group.
Also if not listed then that probably means I'm gonna leave for a bit then rejoin later with a new character.
Okay...not really I don't have the money to buy ANYTHING so...this is just to see what people will suggest with my wants for the laptop
What I'm looking for is something that does well with ART!! My list will be below

1: Art, with good hd screen for color
2: Good Memory
3: USB Slots (A MUST I know smaller laptops don't have them)
4: $100-700 cost range.

Now why am I asking this when I have a laptop? Well funny story it seems that in my own apartment my laptop refuses to connect to the internet!! But everywhere else its FINE!!! :T Not a real reason to actually look for a new laptop, but if things turn for the worst I want to make sure I know what I'm buying...if I happen to need to buy one.
I'm torn between Kazuhito, which can translate to a lot of things though harmony, peace and benevolence person have been the popular search result. 

The second name is Touya, though the peach tree meaning seems more popular but it means other things too. Depends on the kanji you use.

So...what do you think?

1. Kazuhito
2. Touya
Okay~ Well as the title says RWBY team~ I'm looking for people who like RWBY by Rooster Teeth and would enjoy making a character based on the world. I have a character, Dante who uses a double bladed naginata that can doubles as a sniper gun and dual blades he's in my gallery somewhere, in fact I'm redesigning him. BUT thats not what I'm asking >.> Anyone wanna make a team with him? I thought it would be fun if I did this; since its different.

BTW his color dark blue and his symbol is a moon flower. His last name means deep dark blue (Sunil).

So if your interested tell me~

The team name will be D. A. W. N.


D: Dante Sunil



N: Nix Albus
Well it happened again pfft. I got tagged by :iconrumiiya: :'D So here comes the answers~ Remember though you don't have to do anything if you get tagged. This is optional.

1. Who's your fave oc?
  •  Seriously I have way to many oc's to just pick one, I'd be the type of person to give you a list instead of just saying one. Though here's a vague one. My fav oc's are the ones I get to use a lot, draw enough so that they don't look like another character and as for personal characters for stories...I love them all. Some more than others though.
2. What's yo fave medium to use for art?
  • Traditional all the way, though I'm fond of sketchy style digital wise; though some people don't like that. I prefer the pencil and paper method. Everything turns out good when I can draw it on real scale and not a box square ((Sorry Intous I still love you :iconpetsplz: ))
3. What's your favourite thing in your gallery?
  • I don't have a favorite in my gallery. My favorite is in my closet bigger than my bedroom wall and rolled up because it can't be scanned. o3o
4. If you were one of the 7 deadly sins, what would it be? 
  • Which one has the problem making decisions? Idk I'd be sloth too since I'm always sleepy. XD
5. Cell shading or soft shading?
  • My coloring style is a mix of both so I'm gonna say meh. AND YES Soft cell shading is a thing! >T
6. What's something you've always had a hard time drawing?
  • HANDS! POSES! And scenery! Everytime I try to make scenery look decent line wise it looks like shit! My sketch scenery looks legit though so idk what's going on there....:P
7. What's your fave mythical creature?
  • ....Is all an option?
8. Digital or traditional art?
  • Both =w= there are some things you can do traditional that you can't do digital, and the same goes for digital~
9. Who's someone you look up to?
  • Anyone who can draw realistic and be boss about it! I really adore :iconjuhaihai: artwork. She's very talented~
10. Do you like bishies-
  • Of course~ Apparently all I draw is bishi, or so I've been told.

Now for the tagging~
:iconhanuwabbit: :iconrumbl3fish: :iconfortranica: :iconasterswan: :iconmintyfreshmangos: and everyone else who see's this.

NOW for my questions~ >w<
  1. Whats your favorite medium to draw in?
  2. Which gender are you better at drawing?
  3. Fantasy or Mystery?
  4. If you were an animal which one would you be?
  5. Favorite Color or colors if you have one?
  6. Do you prefer long haired characters or short haired ones?
  7. Which power? Flying or Teleportation?
  8. Preference of clothing style?
  9. Are you shy?
  10. In your free time do you draw or listen to music?

Might be losing net because my grandfather is 'fed up' with my sister and I staying up late. So apparently me waiting till 9pm usually isn't good enough and he instead wants us to sit around the house all day, clean up after him and watch tv every day. Wow what a fucking life hm? He sleeps all day and he's complaining about us cause I stay up to four am sometimes :T 

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